Lost In Myspace

McLean suggests that kids are leaving MySpace. It’s possible, I see my 15 year old daughter spending more time on Facebook these days because "it’s cooler". 

I think Facebook has a distinct advantage with its older crowd.  The younger crowd always wants to hang out with the older crowd.  But a related question is whether the older crowd on Facebook will resent the younger crowd being let into "their place".

The bottom line is these are social networks and are subject to all the social behavior we have witnessed in our own lives.  Which makes them tricky businesses to own and operate.

UPDATE: Ben, a high school kid himself, and a regular reader of this blog, posted this "myspace is over call" to his blog a couple months ago.  Thanks for pointing that out Ben. There are a number of high school and college kids commenting on this post and providing interesting anectdotal data so go read the comments.

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