Moderating Comments?

I’ve been moderating the comments on this blog since early February, when I got so fed up with the comment spam building up on this blog that I took the step of approving every comment.

About half the comments I get are spam and about half are legit.

I hate moderating the comments.  It takes away the immediacy of the comment which I think is extremely valuable.

And if I don’t check the comments every couple hours, then there are always a bunch of comments waiting to be approved that nobody is seeing and I think that reduces the amount of discussion that would ordinarily happen.

I am tempted to take moderation off and just live with the comment spam.  I think that might be the lesser to two evils.

Many of you have written that there are solutions to this comment spam problem but I can’t find any that work with TypePad and I am not leaving TypePad right now for a host of reasons.

I am curious what you all think I should do.

#VC & Technology