As I go through the process of pulling albums out of my collection and throwing them out to all of you, I regularly think to myself, "this one should have been in the top 50" and this week’s pick is no exception.

The violent femmes came blasting onto the scene the year the gotham gal and I graduated from college. That would be 1983 to be exact.

Their debut self titled record is a classic and every single song on it is a must listen.

I was reminded of their brillance this week by tapes ‘n tapes’ cowbell.

Gordon Gano’s angst ridden alt-rock vocal style has been copied by many bands over the years, but any post on the Violent Femmes would be remiss if it didn’t mention the Violent Femmes debt to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman, both favorites of mine as well.

I am fairly sure than many late 30s/early 40s readers will be familiar with this record and will share my love of it.

For those of you too young to have this record in your collection/library, I can only encourage you to get it.


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