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I’ve known Heather Green for over 10 years.

We met when the first internet wave was just starting to form and it was her beat at Bloomberg.

I think my friend Mark Pincus introduced us.

Anyway, Heather is still covering more or less the same beat that she’s been working for the past ten years, at Business Week since 1997.  Lately she has been using some new tools to cover her sector.

Heather and her colleague Stephen Baker write the Blogspotting blog which was one of the first mainstream media blogs and has been on my blogroll since they started.

And Heather also does a weekly podcast for business week called The Cutting Edge that is a great quick burst of information and I highly recommend it for those of you who are looking for some good podcasts to subscribe to.

I had the pleasure of spending 15 minutes this week with Heather talking about our firm, Union Square Ventures, our investment strategy, and some of the ways we are going about sourcing and working on our investments.

If you’ve got 15 minutes and are interested in learning more about our firm give it a listen or add The Cutting Edge to iTunes:

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