Revisionist History - Calacanis Style

Jason Calacanis engages in some revisionist history on his weblog today.

Are you shocked?  I doubt it.

The topic is the battle between @NY and Jason’s Silicon Alley Reporter back in the mid/late 90s for the hearts and minds of the NYC entrepreneurs and other participants in the first Internet bubble.

Jason claims that he "beat them (@NY) so bad that Jason Chervokas still can’t get
over it".

Well it may be true that Jason Chervokas "still can’t get over it" although I frankly doubt it. But the rest of the post is full of revisionist history, starting with the "beat them so bad" part.

The truth is that SAR was the style section and @NY was the Wall Street Journal of the first internet bubble in NY.  SAR would cover the parties and @NY would tell you what strategies were working.  Calananis says that SAR "became the thought leader".  That’s a joke but I am not laughing.

But it was the end game where @NY had the last laugh. As the Gotham Gal (who ran sales at SAR and knows a bit about this story) said at the end of her comment to Jason’s post:

SAR was not a slam dunk. It was a great shot but it never made it into
the basket. In my book, Jason and Tom slam dunked with @NY.


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