Sling Your Tivo

I am a big fan of verbs.  When your company name, product, or service becomes a verb, you’ve accomplished something. Classic examples are "skype me", "google him", or "tivo it".  The verb thing worked out a lot better for google and skype shareholders than it did for tivo shareholders so getting to verb status is clearly not enough, but it sure helps.

I found myself using sling today as a verb.  I want to sling my tivo so that my family can access our tivo on our computers in our home and so we can do remote scheduling on our tivo when we are not home.

When I say sling, I mean slingbox, the cool new device that allows you to "place shift" your tivo and/or set top box.  It allows you to access your tv shows on your computer no matter where you are.

I have heard some horror stories about installation and I am prepared to have to do some work, which is not a great thing for a consumer product.

But I think the benefits will outweigh the installation pain.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

#VC & Technology