Sponsored by Sonos

You probably notice that Sonos is now sponsoring my "In Heavy Rotation" list on the left sidebar of this blog.  This is the result of several things, first my decision to partner with FM Publishing who is now representing this blog to the advertising community, and second an email I got from Sonos asking to sponsor the music picks on this blog.  Now that I have FM as a partner, I can respond to emails like this, which I get fairly often.

Most of my readers know that I donate all the revenue that this blog generates to non-profit organizations and the money that Sonos pays for this sponsorship will go to FM, who will take their cut, and the balance will go to good causes.  I am not doing this for the money.

But I am doing this to explore the possibilities of new advertising and media models and also to showcase new interesting products to my readers.  This deal with Sonos is a good example of both.  My "In Heavy Rotation" list is a typepad list that I update regularly.  Sonos has chosen to sponsor this list and that’s cool because turning a typepad list into an ad unit is a neat trick.  Sonos makes a digital music system which does some pretty cool things.  Here is a short description from their website:

 Sonos is the first and only digital music system that lets you play all
your digital music, all over your house—and control it all from the
palm of your hand. Best of all, you don’t need a PC in every room, a
music server or a wireless network. Just a SonosTM ZonePlayer and speakers in the rooms of your choice and a SonosTM
Controller in hand to access all your digital music, no matter where
it’s stored—on your PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage box.

As part of this deal with Sonos, I am going to get a test unit to try out.  I’ll post a review of my experience on this blog and if I like it, I will buy it.

You may also see some advertising banners on the right sidebar for Sonos over the next month or so.  Sonos has also purchased some ad banners and they will rotate along with other FM ad banners.

I hope you all like this new advertising. I think its great.

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