Thinking About Gdrive

First of all, Gdrive is a great name for a virtual drive service. For that reason alone, Google has to do this service.

Second, online storage needs to go mainstream and it needs to happen soon.

If for no other reason than people are starting to have lots of really valuable stuff on their computers and when they lose it there is going to be some serious pain felt.  I’ve blogged about this before.

But backup is really just a subset of the online storage value proposition.  It’s about "my computer’s off but my data’s on".  I stole that line from someone, but I can’t remember who.  So identify yourslef please so I can give credit where credit is due.

So Google’s entry into this market will be a good thing.  AOL has Xdrive but for some reason its not a mainstream service.  Same with all the online backup solutions.

We need someone to galvanize this market.  Maybe its Google.  Or maybe its someone new with an approach to this problem that is different and super compelling, like what Skype did with voip.

All I know is the time has come for online storage.

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