Tom Glocer Gets It

Last year there was a fair amount of buzz about a speech that Rupert Murdoch gave to an assembled group of newspaper editors.  He said it was high time for change in the newspaper industry.  And he was right.

I hope there is a similar amount of buzz about this column in the FT written by Tom Glocer, CEO of Reuters.  I’ve met Tom a few times and he’s always struck me as a smart guy.  And this column shows that he is.

Here is my favorite part:

First, media companies need to be “seeders of clouds”. To have access
to high-value new content, we need to attract a community around us. To
achieve that we have to produce high-quality content ourselves, then
display it and let people interact with it. If you attract an audience
to your content and build a brand, people will want to join your
community. This is as true for traditional “letters to the editor” as

It’s about letting your content go, letting your community discuss it, dissect it, remix it, and make it even more interesting.

Well said Tom.

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