I think I am going to start a videoblog.  I love to play around with new technologies and I got a taste of videoblogging yesterday.

One of my portfolio companies is having a company meeting next week and I was asked to attend and make some remarks.  I have to be in Arizona and San Diego next week for several conferences so I could not make it.  Instead the CEO of the company suggested I record a short video.

I got a $20 small tripod that fits on my coffee table in my office (pictured here) and connected The Gotham Gal‘s Sanyo Xacti to the tripod, flipped the LCD display so I could see it, and hit record.

10 minutes later I had my first videocast.  It’s not something I want to post for the world to see because it is my thoughts about that particular company, but the process was so instructive to me.

I am not sure what to videoblog about and how often I should do it. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome as I figure that part out.

#VC & Technology