World Baseball Classic

On my way from Phoenix to San Diego this afternoon, I took a break and went to the US vs Mexico game which is part of the World Baseball Classic.

It’s sort of like the olympics of major league baseball.  I am not sure if this format is going to make it or not, but the mexican fans were out in force and rooting hard for their team against what looked to be an all-star game roster for the US team.

Check out this lineup for the US.  Damon, Jeter, Griffey, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Lee, Schneider, Winn, Utley.  Peavey started the game and it was an all-star game thing with a new pitcher every inning or two.

We had amazing seats and the weather was beautiful.  Nothing like a day game, particularly when its sunny and 70 degrees in early March.

All in all a wonderful three hour diversion on a week long business trip.


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