Disney Proves Me Right and Wrong


Disney will announce today that they are making "much of its newest and most popular programming on ABC and other channels available free anytime on the Web", according to the Wall Street Journal which does not make much ot its newest and most popular stories available free anytime on the web so I can’t link to the story.

This is big, big, big.

It means they get The Future of Media. They are freeing their content and monetizing it on the web. It looks like they are microchunking it, but it’s not totally clear.  And I am not sure about the syndication part.  But it doesn’t really matter. They get it, they are leading they way.

But it also means they are not deliberating, they are obliterating. They proved me wrong about big companies, at least one big company.

I am so impressed.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis adds his two cents to this story and its well worth reading.

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