Email vs. Feeds (continued)

I have been investing in email companies since the mid 1990s and in feed related companies for the past several years.  I believe that both are important ways to deliver content.  Over time, I believe feeds are going to be a better way to deliver commercial messages because the consumer has control over the delivery with feeds and the mailer has control over the delivery with email.

But feeds are too hard for the mainstream user to use right now.  Enter "feeds to email" services.

From the day I started this blog, I knew that I had to offer an email delivery service. I started with Bloglet and moved onto Feedblitz in August of last year.  Feedblitz has been great and really is a true feed to email service.

Today, Feedburner, a Union Square Ventures portfolio company, launched it’s own feed to email service.  Michael Arrington has the whole story on TechCrunch.

What I like most about Feedburner’s launch of this new service is that they are continuing to support Feedblitz and Squeet in their publicize page on even footing with their own feed to email service.  They are letting their customers choose what feed to email service they want to use instead of forcing them to use Feedburner for this feature.

That’s the way to do it.  Let the customer choose.  For now, I am sticking with Feedblitz.  That may change, but not today.

Feedburner is a great company, they deliver a great service to commerical publishers and bloggers, but more importantly they get how to work with others and that is a very important trait.

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