How Do I Like My Radio Delivered?

Jim Griffin asked an interesting question in the comments section of my initial Internet Radio Rocks post:

If you had the choice between access to Internet radio, satellite
radio, HD radio, AM/FM radio or various "pull" forms of digital media
(MP3 player, Rhapsody, etc.), how would you rank your choices? To which
would you turn first?

The answer to this is, of course, "it depends".

I am on an Internet radio binge right now.  I am listening to Radio Paradise all the time. It’s an amazing listener supported internet radio station that plays great music all the time.

But I can’t get Radio Paradise in my car, yet.

So when I am in my car, I settle for traditional AM/FM. I used to have an HD Radio in my car, but when I traded it in, I got a car that doesn’t take a aftermarket radio so I am back to traditional AM/FM right now.  I like HD radio better because I like the HD2 channels like Country 103.5-1 and Deep Cuts Classic Rock 104.3-2.

I have never personally been a big fan of Satellite Radio because I don’t spend huge amounts of time in my car and the local radio stations like WFUV and WBGO work fine when I am in NYC and WEHM is great when I am in Long Island.  But I think Satellite is great if you are a Stern fan or if you spend a lot of time in your car.

I go in phases when I want to control my music and when I want someone else to play music for me.  When I want to control my music, I tend to listen to my music collection or Rhapsody.  When I want someone else to play music for me, I tend to listen to podcasts or Internet Radio.

So the bottom line is I don’t have one mode of listening.  I mix and match it a lot.  I’d be interested in what others have to say on this subject.

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