Internet Radio Rocks (continued)

The comments to this blog are often (always?) better than the posts themselves.  I have longed for an easy way to simply elevate the comments to the front page. As far as I know, nobody has done that yet. It’s badly needed.

My Internet Radio Rocks post generated a ton of great streaming radio suggestions. Big time kudos to those who posted the stream URLs!

Here they are:

  • Be sure to give a listen to
    I like the other internet radio stations, but WOXY is far and away my
    favorite. Best DJs, best music, best everything, and they’re doing it
    without serious private funding. Posted by: Steve
  • WWOZ in New Orleans! Best jazz station on earth. for info,
    — that’s a standard stream. They also broadcast a lot of jazzfest on
    there. It’s not perfect yet, they are still in temporary studios since
    Katrina. (As is the rest of public radio down there. One of the
    stations was broadcasting out of a coffeehouse for a couple of months
    — WTUL, also worth a listen, for more independent music., ). WBER up in Rochester used to help keep me sane, too, that’s at Posted by: candice
  • Minnesota Public Radio launched The Current last year: absolutely fabulous indy music, publicly supported. Posted by: Scott Walker
  • WERS in Boston has a live stream. Emerson College Radio is fantastic
    at all hours of the day. Highlights include 6 am to 10 am weekdays,
    ‘The Coffeehouse’, featuring new and old acoustic and singer-songwriter
    selections, very tightly edited for a not-too-folksy sound. Posted by: Karen E
  • KFOG in San Francisco. Posted by: Nico
  • Check out is a simple web site with dynamically updated URL’s. Save a
    playlist to your portable streaming MP3 player, and the playlist
    updates everytime you connect. The site has playlists for the most popular Genre and is growing everyday. Posted by: Frank
  • Living in the Boston area for the past 5 years, Id second that WERS 88.9 is really great. Really eclectic programming. My favorite though is WZBC
    90.3 Boston College Radio. They have a crazy array of programming,
    including a really great show of dusty lesser known records from the
    60’s and 70’s. Check the programming list, though, as they have
    something for everybody. Posted by: Aaron Quint
  • Radio Paradise – Bill & Rebecca play pretty much everyone you mention, like those linked on the left. The 192K feed sounds great, although 128K more reliable on my SqueezeBox. Posted by: druce
  • As I sit here listening to KCRW’s music stream, I’ve gotta pipe up for Radio Paradise. One of my top few streams… The site is at They have a variety of streams
    including a (are you ready?) 192K MP3 stream! That’s right, 192k!! Here’s the link to that stream. Posted by: rick gregory
  • I have to throw in another vote for WBER, . I
    have the benefit of living the area so I can listen at home and in the
    car too. My current favorite is  its a pure net station and their selection is great. is good if you are into the techno scene. Honestly I prefer pure net stations since they have more streams to select from. Posted by: justin
  • If your up for some aussie radio. You can listen to the station i
    work for which is 4BC Brisbane’s News Talk 1116. You can view our site
    at (by yours truly). Our demographic is 45+ and are
    essentianlly a News Talk station. I hope you enjoy Posted by: simon
  • Another vote for Love it! 192K sounds amazing on my Sennheiser headphones. Posted by: Marc James
  • Maybe I’m biased, but I like my little low-budget offering.  Eclectic, and kinda off-beat.  Hey we even play Zappa. But, no sales pitch. Try it and decide for yourself. Posted by: B.
  • The River from the north shore of Boston… i guess you call it Adult Contemporary. Posted by: cm
  • Has to be for me Posted by: Geoff
  • Fred – Based on your musical tastes, you should check out BBC 6Music. I think you’ll like it. Posted by: Nick Patience

I’ve tried one of these out so far, Radio Paradise, and it’s really terrific. I can’t wait to try out the rest.

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