Morning TV Sucks - Give Me The Treadoputer

I was in the hotel gym this morning in Redwood City and waited in line for the eliptical trainer (it’s easier on my knees than the treadmill).

When I got on the thing, there was a TV screen in front of me. I had left my iPod in my hotel room and there was no way I could go back and get it or I’d lose my place in line.

So I put on the headphones and tried to watch TV for 30 min. It was the first time I’d watched TV in the morning in years.

What a godawful experience that was. Local news was not interesting to me. I live in NYC, not SF. Cable news was equally uninteresting. CNBC bored me. I don’t buy mining stocks. ESPN and ESPN2 had promise but they were talking about the Vancouver Canucks (sorry Jackson) and the NY Giants. I am a Jet fan. Cartoons was about the best I could do.

Running there on the machine, I wanted Brad Feld’s treadoputer. I wanted to blog, to read the news online, to read blogs, to look at You Tube videos, visit my kid’s MySpace pages (because I miss them not because I am paranoid about what they do online), check out some new web services, and basically do something fun, interesting, and stimulating for 30 minutes.

Instead I watched TV and wanted the treadoputer.