Positively 10th Street

Positively_10th_street_logo_5UPDATE: We have taken this show down due to the reciept of a cease and
desist letter from Shangri-La. We are hoping to convince them
to let us put it back up. We’ll let you know how that goes. In the
interim, we’ve posted a version of our theme song, Positively 4th

Joanne and I did this one together in what might become the regular format for Positively 10th Street.

is a distinctly political undertone to this show with a war protest song
from Neil Young and the spanish language version of the Star Spangled

Plus we’ve got a roots music thing going with songs from Bruce Springsteen’s Pete Seeger record and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Here’s the song list:

Old Dan Tucker – Bruce Springsteen
Living With War – Neil Young
Rock And Roll – Jerry Lee Lewis (Led Zepplin cover)
Going Home – Sophie Zelmani
Nuestro Himno – Ivy Queen, Tito el Bambino and Gloria Trevi

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