Sender Score

What if there were a database of commercial email senders which published a score (like a credit score) that was based on how well they complied with best practices?

Return Path launched just that last week and its called the Sender Score Reputation Monitor.  It’s a reputation service for commercial mailers.

Return Path is collecting over 60 data points on over 50 million mailboxes. Data points include unsubscribe compliance, complaint rates, unkown user rates, security practices, and identity stability.

Return Path provides this sender score to ISPs who use it to filter mail and they provide it to commercial mailers who want to improve their reputations.

The entire Return Path suite of deliverability services has been renamed Sender Score to emphasize Return Path’s reliance on reputation as the primary way to manage deliverability issues.

If you are a commercial mailer and want to know your Sender Score Reputation, contact Return Path and while you are at it, you should ask about the other Sender Score services.

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