Shake Shack Webcam

I blogged this past weekend that the Shake Shack needs to give us a webcam to monitor the line.


I just realized that I was not alone in asking for this.  Gothamist asked for the same thing on Monday of this week.

And yesterday Gothamist posted this email from a woman who works for Danny Meyer:

Thanks for your interest in the Shake Shack. I work for Union Square
Hospitality Group and just noticed your blurb suggesting a web cam. I
wanted to give you the heads up that we have purchased a web cam for
our website,,
and we expect this to be live on our site by Monday. It will display a
new still shot of the line every 15 seconds. Let me know if you have
any questions.

Awesome news.  They are listening (and reading blogs). Cool.

Now they need to double the size of the place to meet the demand they’ve created with their incredible burgers and shakes.

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