Some Neil Young Hatin' On This Blog

I love Neil Young.

I loved him when he was for Reagan, loved him when he was for the war in Iraq, and I love him now that he’s written a protest record that is pissing some people off.

Some of those people are choosing to post their Neil Young hatin’ on my blog, in the comments section of my I Love Neil Young post.  You’ll have to scroll down to the last two comments to see the hate but you’ll pass a lot of Neil Young loving along the way.

It is really sad that people who have gotten so much joy out of Neil’s music for "over 20 years" as one of them says would choose to start hating the man because he had the courage to say and sing what so many of us are thinking.

As Jackson says in his post on the same topic:

certainly they weren’t listening too closely for the past 20 years

I am listening to On The Beach as I write this to erase that hate out of my brain.

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