Who Are You? (continued)

Several months ago I did a survey of my readers courtesy of Federated Media, who handles the banner advertising on my blog.

I got somewhere around 800 completions (thank you!) and the results were fascinating to me.

But my readership changes and grows (or shrinks) over time and it seems that I should be constantly surveying my audience to keep track of the changes.

So I have added a link to the bottom of my posts in my feed and my blog that says "take my survey".

If you click on it, you’ll get a survey monkey powered form, four short pages in all, that will capture demographic info that has no personally identifiable information in it.

This is all powered by Feedburner and is part of the open feedflare and siteflare service offering.

If you use Feedburner and want to survey your audience, just set up feedflare and siteflare and turn on the "take my survey" link.  It’s that simple.

#VC & Technology