Writing a blog for my family, friends, colleagues, and the world at large

I started this blog for one reason – to blog.

I had no preconcieved notion of what that meant

And I had no idea what I would write about or who my audience would be

And so for the past two and a half years I have written a blog that is aimed at various times at various places

First and foremost I write for my family and friends because they enjoy keeping up with me via the blog.  I talked to my friend Dana last week. We hadn’t talked in a while but she knew what I was up to.  When I told her about our spring vacation, she knew all about it.  She had seen the pictures on flickr.

I posted the video of josh and his bandmates this morning for my parents and brothers and friends who know josh and his buddies.

But I also post for my colleagues in our firm, in our portfolio, and my friends who are vcs and entrepreneurs.

When I get an email from matt blumberg talking about how one of my posts impacted his thinking on his business or Iget an investment opportunity coming in from a colleague who reads my blog I know that I am doing something right.

And of course, I write for the world at large.  When I post about the raconteurs’ great new record, I want to get that word out to as large an audience as possible.  When I post on a ‘utopian view’ of the drug development business, as one reader called it, I am hoping that I can participate in a two way conversation with people al over the world

The beauty of this new emerging model of paticipatory, citizen powered media is that you can do all this at the same time on the same page. The conventional widsom is that media has to be focused and targeted at the source, the creation point

But it doesn’t anynore because it can be focused and targeted at the end, the consumption point.

And it is also getting mashed up and remixed along the wire and the ether as it goes from source to end.

So subscribe to my music feed if you just want my music posts.  Or find my mp3s of the week on the the hype machine.

Subscribe to my vc/tech only feed or read my posts on venture capital and tech at memeorandum or reddit or federated media.

If you are my mom or my brother, well then you’ll want to come to my blog and see what my avatar is wearing and saying today and watch the four fellas jam.  You might want to do that anyway even if I don’t know you and you live in shanghai.

That’s why this new medium so great.
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