A Very Special Positively 10th Street

The Gotham Gal and I invited two special guests over for brunch this morning and we recorded a 25 minute podcast with the "father and son of podcasting".

The father of podcasting being Josh Harris, founder of the pioneering podcasting and videoblogging company Pseudo.com which started recording and broadcasting audio on the Internet in 1995. Here’s a post I did about Josh, Pseudo, and podcasting version 1.0.

The son of podcasting being Jason Calacanis, who turned me on to podcasting in 1997 when he invited me to join him on the Silicon Alley Reporter radio show at Pseudo’s studios on Houston Street and Broadway in lower Manhattan.

So The Gotham Gal, Jason, Josh, and I spent about 25 minutes talking about the early days of podcasting and how Pseudo got started.  We then got into the crazy days of the late 90s when Josh turned Psuedo into the digital equivalent of Andy Warhol’s factory.

That evolved into a discussion of Josh’s alter ego, Luvvy the clown, and how Josh and his girlfriend Tanya recorded their soho loft 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The podcast ends with a discussion of the wilson’s family upcoming "red state weekend" and Jason Calacanis trash talking the Nascar crowd.

All in all, a very fun show and well worth a listen for anyone who wants to know how podcasting got started, what happened in that crazy days of "silicon alley" in the late 90s, and Josh Harris’ views on the "synthetic reweaving of society".

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