Browser Market Share

White all the fuss about broswer defaults for seearch engines, I thought it might be useful to revisit the browser market share of the readers of this blog.


Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser with 63% share proving that people are lazy.  Further proof of that fact is the almost 1.5% market share that Netscape still has.

Firefox is the browser of the moment for sure, with 27.5% market share.

And Safari is the one to watch with almost 6% market share.

I believe that Apple is going to gain market share in the personal computer market over the next couple years as they take advantage of the slower release cycles coming out of Microsoft and the ability to run XP and OSX on a single Intel powered Macintosh.  If that happens, then Safari is clearly the browser to watch.

My dream is a truly level playing field in the browser wars with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari each with about a third of the market.

And my view on defaults?  Just make it dead simple for people to change them.  Firefox shows the way with the configuration of its search field.

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