I'm A Mac Ads

Some commenters thought I was being too hard on Apple in my post this morning about the music industry, the RIAA, and the iPod.  I am of two minds when it comes to Apple. I admire their products but I am not particularly fond of the way they do business.

That said, their marketing and advertising has always been really top notch in my mind.

Earlier this week Apple rolled out a series of ads featuring two guys, one is a Mac and the other is a PC.

These ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films, a company I know well because I am close to several of the principals of the company.

Anyway, I think these ads do a great job of showcasing what makes Mac a better platform than PC. I use both computers in my day, but spend way more time on a PC and wish it were the other way.

And, the ads are pretty funny too.  Here is one called virus, courtesy of YouTube.

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