MP3 of the Week

One of our favorite podcasts, and the first one we really fell for, is Mass Hysteria.

This is a husband and wife podcast and we feel like we know Paul and Janine and their two young kids from all the shows we’ve listened to over the past couple years. Mass Hysteria was the inspiration for Positively 10th Street.

On their most recent show, they played a song called George Romero by a young english band called The Sprites. Like many young bands, The Sprites love mp3s and happily post their music on the Internet and encourage their fans to share their music.  Excellent.

So the song that Paul and Janine played is a pop song in the vein of Fountains of Wayne/Bowling For Soup about the end of the world and how to get prepared by watching zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead (directed by George Romero).

If you like it, there are more really good songs by The Sprites on their website to check out.

George Romero

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