InfidelsThere was a time when this record was played every day in our home.  And that time lasted a long while, years not months.  My favorite Bob Dylan record is Blood on The Tracks, but Infidels is second or third on that list.

The record has a slightly conservative tone to it which I don’t particularly love. I’d rather hear Bob sing about answers blowin’ in the wind than having a license to kill.

But I get past that in about a nanosecond because the songs are so great on this record and the musicianship is incredible.  The "session musicians" on this record include former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor (a personal favorite), Mark Knopfler (another personal favorite), and the rythm section of Sly and Robbie (yet another personal favorite).

From the opening drum roll of Jokerman to the wonderful harmonica of Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight, this is an incredible record.  If you have never heard it, you must do something about that.

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