Self Service Advertising on This Blog and Many Others

In the past two weeks, we have seen a couple major launches that will have a big impact on how advertisers incorporate blogs into their advertising plans.

And this blog is part of both of them.  If you want to advertise on this blog but don’t know how, read on.

If you want to understand how blogs and mainstream advertising are going to work together, read on.

On April 25th, rather quietly I might add, FeedBurner launched the FeedBurner self service ad network. Now anyone who wants to run an ad in this blog’s feed can simply go to FeedBurner, drum up an ad, state how much you want to pay to advertise on this blog, and hit submit. Your ads start running in my feed. Of course you can run ads in thousands of other feeds as well.  FeedBurner is managing over 280,000 feeds, many of which carry ads.  If you want your message in the blog world, FeedBurner is a great way to make that happen.

Then last night, less quietly, Federated Media launched the Federated Media self service ad network. Now anyone who wants to run banners or text ads on my blog can simply go to the FM ad network, drum up an ad, decide how much you want to spend, and submit. Your ads will start running on the upper right sidebar. Federated Media has 34 of the top blogs in its network and that number is growing every week. If you want your message in the top blogs, Federated Media is the way to get it there.

I really believe that between FeedBurner and Federated Media, advertisers can reach most of the blog readers and do it simply and effectively.  If you are an advertiser, I’d suggest giving them both a try.

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