Spontaneous Music

Bob Lefsetz says what I feel.

Last week I was interviewed live on stage at the Magazine Publisher’s Association and one of the things I told all the magazine people in the audience was that publishing once a month, twice a month, or once a week was death in this age of real time reading and writing.

This morning I read Bob’s post on the record album where he says:

The idea is to be an ongoing artist.  With a steady stream of product.
So people don’t get over you.  Today’s paradigm is like having an
intense girlfriend and then not seeing her again for three years.
Especially if you’re under the age of twenty, do you think the
relationship would last?  Don’t say it’s about attention spans, it’s


The Arctic Monkeys have put out three records in the past year, the I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor EP, then the Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not LP, then the Who The F**K Are The Arctic Monkeys EP.  They keep the good stuff coming, as fast as you can consume it.

Check out what Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young are up to.  Bruce spends three days at his farm playing Pete Seeger songs with a bunch of bluegrass style musicians and he puts out a fantastic record.  Neil Young apparently wrote and cut Living With War in a week.  And it’s up on the web now for anyone to listen to, before the record comes out.

The artists get it. That’s all that matters. We are getting spontaneous music and I love it.

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