Texting Home

The landline phone continues to lose luster with me. I much prefer my cellphone.

The voice quality of my cellphone can’t compare to my landline, but in every other respect the cellphone wins.

My contact database is totally integrated on my cellphone. My landline phone doesn’t even know what a contact database is.

I get emails on my cellphone, and phone numbers are hyperlinked so I can click and call them. Try that on a land line.

You get the picture. The cellphone rocks.  The landline does not.

This weekend I wanted to send The Gotham Gal a text message. I couldn’t make a phone call without being rude. But a quick text message would have been fine.  Only she was home, on a landline. And I knew she wasn’t on email. I wanted to text message the landline and have the phone beep alerting her to an incoming message.

The cellphone has conditioned me to behaviors that aren’t possible on landlines. And so I don’t want the landline anymore. I’ll take the reduced quality. What I really want is increased funcationality.

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