What A Waste

Yesterday morning I walked out my front door to find six copies of the Verizon Yellow Pages sitting on the stoop. Ugh.  We haven’t used the Yellow Pages in ten years and every year I have to throw them out.

Why would anyone want a huge paper directory when the web is so much better? And I don’t even use the Yellow Pages on the web. Google and Yahoo! work just fine for me.

So I decided that this year I would figure out how to make these dead tree space wasters stop showing up. On the books was the URL www.directorystore.com. So I started there. Lot’s of options to request yellow pages but nothing to stop them from coming.

In the FAQs, I found a number 1-888-BOOKS-65 that I can call M-F from 8am to 8pm and hopefully that will do the trick.  I guess it makes sense that the ultimate analog property requires an analog communication to turn it off.

Later yesterday afternoon, after I had calmed down about all the trees getting killed by Verizon and their comrades, I saw this scene on Broadway and 10th Street. I guess yesterday was Yellow Page day in my neighborhood.  What a waste.


#VC & Technology