Ads on this blog

Seth Godin ( wrote a post yesterday linking to this blog and pointing out that I run ads on it.

He observed that you can learn a lot about how online advertising works by running ads on blogs.

He’s right and that is one of the reasons I do it.

But its not the only reason and not the most important reason.

I don’t like leaving money on the table. This blog does around 2 million page views per year on the web and another million plus views in my feed.

Those page views are worth real money and while I don’t need it, someone does.

And so I run the ad networks that can gnerate the highest effective cpms for this blog. That is FM and FeedBurner first and Google and Yahoo second.

I hope to generate $40,000 this year to charity with this blog. I am certain I’ll generate at least $25,000.

That’s real money that will get a tribeswoman in africa a cell phone or a underpriveledged child a scholarship.

So that’s why I run ads on this blog. I hope you agree that its a good cause and please click on the ads and buy from the sponsors.

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