Amazing, Fascinating, Hopeful and Wonderful

My friend Tom shot me an email about seeing Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda
Gates’ press conference on monday.

It reminded me of my desire to blog
about this.

Gates and Buffet are certainly great men and their commitment
to philanthropy is a wonderful thing to see.

What is even more fascinating
to me is their friendship which has been building for many years and has
culminated in the marriage of the two great fortunes built in the last quarter
of the 20th century.

Warren decided that he wanted to give the vast
majority of his wealth away and picked his friend, who he clearly admires, and
his friend’s wife to do it for him. That is such an amazing thing to

Much of the talk has been about the vast amount of capital this
represents. And it is vast, so vast as to be beyond comprehension.

But I
would like to focus on the goals: To eradicate disease and suffering and to
improve education.

Simple, powerful, basic.

It makes me more
hopeful about the world we live in.

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