I’ve had a blackberry back in my hands for almost a month now and it’s been great.

I don’t know what it is about the blackberry but I find myself much more active with mobile email with this device than all the others I tried in the past 12 months

I’ve taken up blogging from my blackberry again too. I am writing this post in my doctors office. Blogging is a great way to kill the time you spend in the doctor’s waiting room

But the one thing I can’t easily do with my blackberry is respond to comments on my blog

I’d like to be a more active participant in the comments section of my blog but you might notice that I write most of posts between 5 30am and 6 30am in the morning

After that, its exercise, breakfast, then work, dinner at home or a night out, and then bedtime

I don’t spend much time on the blog after 6 30am most days

But I do see all the comments come in via email. And now that I’ve eliminated comment spam (thanks typepad!), I actually read all the comment email

Lately (with blackberry in hand) I’ve taken to responding to these comment emails. Most commenters leave their real email addresses so I can send them a note back. It works great and often results in a new relationship or at least a conversation

But I’d really like to get these replies into my comments section. I copy myself on these email replies and sometimes I will post them the next morning, but often its too late. The conversation has died down

I sent an email to typepad asking them to give me an email address to copy on these replies that will autopost them in the comments

They said its a good idea and they may do it this summer. I sure hope they do because I really like blackblogging and want to do more when I am killing time on the subway, doctors office, or airplane

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