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Charlie posted a comment to my Productivity Apps In The Cloud post .

I’d like to see an editor that sits locally, runs locally, saves
locally, and optionally (default) saves to the web as well. The only
part of what you describe that needs to be web-based (and
sock-imparied) is the save/replication. And for the solely web-based
editors, I’d like to see AutoSave by default. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve lost posts becauses of an innadvertent keboard slip that
somehow refreshed the browser or went back. Many.

Posted by: charlie crystle | Jun 6, 2006 6:21:12 AM

I agree with most of this Charlie. But I want a hybrid solution. A client when I want it. A web-based app when I don’t. With synchronization between the two. Like Microsoft has had with Outlook for years.  And autosave and recovery are key features of an online editor. I’ve lost a ton of half complete posts when my browser crashes.

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