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Drew posted this comment to my Fragmentation of Search post.

Where do vertical or contextual search engines fit into your search
engine usage? Seems to me that the search environment is fragmenting as
better tools are developed for specific types of searches. The clean
single search box now common among across generic search engine doesn’t
do a great job of interpreting more nuanced requests. For example,
compare the results for a travel search found on Google/Ask/Yahoo to
the same search on Kayak/SideStep/Farechase. Or a job search on

Posted by: Drew | Jun 7, 2006 7:14:45 AM

Drew, we are huge fans of vertical search and are investors in Indeed, the leading job search engine. We also use Kayak in the office a lot. I don’t have either of them in my Firefox search field, but I just found out that Indeed has a Firefox plugin at So I may put it there even though I am not in the market for a job myself.

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