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This comment was made to my Switching Computers post from last week.

I have just gone through all these headaches and would be glad to
pass on the knowledge on outlok to entourage, .mac optimization a d
entourage sync, bbery sync, etc. for now you may want to check out
google browser sync if ou are a firefox guy:
a great tool that will bring everything from your PC FF browser into your mac FF browser
I hope this finds you well….

Posted by: trip foster | Jun 12, 2006 11:12:44 PM

Thanks Trip. I installed Google Browser Sync on my ThinkPad and my MacBook and now the Firefox browsers on both machines are identical – same bookmarks, same toolbar settings. Wow was that easy. And since I am using both machines right now in parallel, it’s great to be able to get one browser to match the other in terms of open windows, etc.

Google Browser Sync for Firefox is great.  Give it a try if you use multiple computers.

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