Comment Of The Day

Parand made this comment to my I’m Not Notable post from yesterday.

Fred, are you protesting the that you are notable enough to be
included but were unfairly excluded, that the notoriety standard is
applied inconsistently and cluelessly, or that wikipedia should lower
its standard to include less notable people?

Or simply shedding light on Wikipedia’s process? I had the
impression you were interested in exploring the inner workings and
edges of the process. Perhaps this post is not a protest after all, but
simply a statement of fact.

(It was hard to resist making a snide comment about VC egos on this one, but I managed it)

Posted by: Parand | Jun 20, 2006 10:28:40 PM

Good question Parand. I was mostly shedding light on the process. If I am not notable enough for inclusion in Wikipedia, so be it. But I do think that the one Fred Wilson they include is hardly notable, particularly when compared to the artist, the chessmaster, the rockband, and me (probably in that order).

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