Going To Ted in Pajamas

I have never been to the TED conference. That’s one part apology, one part tragedy, and one part reality.

But this morning, in my pajamas, I spent about 90 minues "at" the 2006 TED conference watching wonderful presentations by Jamais Cascio, Vinod Khosla, Majora Carter, Tim O’Reilly, and Al Gore along with performances by Thomas Dolby and Jill Sobule.

Now I know what I’ve missed these past 20+ years.

Not everyone can go to TED in person. But now everyone can go to TED in their pajamas because TED has released video of the entire 2006 conference in a series of podcasts that will be released every week up on the TED website. You can also subscribe to these podcasts and get them automatically delivered to you when the next batch are released.

If you have never been to TED (like me), or just want to go back and see that amazing presentation by Majora Carter one more time (you should), then I suggest you go to the TED website and check them out.

#VC & Technology