Luna (the band) is no more, but their music lives on and Rhino records is about to release two records that I am excited about.

The first is a retrospective titled The Best of Luna (couldn’t they come up with a more imaginative name?). You can pre-order the CD at the link above.

The second is more interesting.  It’s a collection of covers called Lunafied that looks great. And what’s even more interesting is that Rhino realizes that the market for Lunafied may be fairly small (but rabid) and so they are not releasing it on CD.  Only digital download. That’s cool with me.  But I’ve searched Rhino’s online store, iTunes, eMusic, and cannot find it anywhere.  Why announce a digital download if you don’t have it up?  It only makes us rabid fans nuts.

So if anyone knows when and where Lunafied is going to be released, let me know.

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