Net Natives

We have a term we use around the office a lot – Net Native.

We started using it to describe services that were built specfically for and are solely resident on the Internet. We called them Net Native services.

But lately we’ve been using the term more to desribe people who were "born on the Internet", natives of the Internet. And, of course, those kind of people create the most interesting Net Native services.

I had lunch yesterday with Nick Denton and we talked about Net Natives. Could someone be 60 years old and be a Net Native?

We agreed that it is possible and we even named a few 60 year olds who are Net Natives. It’s not about age, it’s about gettting immersed in the Internet, its culture, its tools, its values and ethics.

That said, I know a lot more "20 something" Net Natives than "60 something" Net Natives.

I turn 45 this year.  It’s hard being Net Native at 45. This blog is a big part of my efforts to be Net Native and stay Net Native. I am not sure I could do it otherwise.

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