Where_you_beenWhen it comes to guitar driven rock and roll in recent years, there aren’t many who have done it better than J Mascis and his fantastic band, Dinosaur Jr.

I have listened to every Dinosaur Jr record and while most fans prefer the early records, I prefer the middle period and my favorite is Where You Been. There is an acoustic J Mascis record called Martin and Me that I enjoy even more and is in my Top 50, but that is not technically a Dinosaur Jr record.

I like the entire Where You Been record, but I am particularly fond of the first three songs, Out There, Start Choppin’ and What Else Is New.  And Get Me and Goin’ Home are also top.  Goin’ Home is my favorite Dinosaur Jr song ever.

If you like wailing guitars, power chords, and Neil Young style singing, then this record is for you too.

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