Switching Computers

A number of readers have been asking how my conversion from my Thinkpad laptop to my MacBook Pro is going.


I hate moving computers. I configure the hell out of a computer.

Bookmarks, Browser Toolbar, Downloaded Apps, Plugins, Start Pages, Saved Passwords, Moving Files, Configuring Apps, etc, etc, etc, etc

Moving from a Mac to a new Mac is pretty simple.  Just connect the two with firewire and let it do its thing.

Moving from a PC to a new PC is harder, but not terrible.

Moving from a PC to a Mac is hard. I have to switch apps (like outlook to entourage, picasa to iphoto, etc).

And the way I do it is I use both in parallel and convert stuff as I need it.

So it’s taking me a while to get onto the MacBook Pro full time.

I suspect I’ll be there by the end of the month.

So far, so good. Although the bottom of the laptop gets seriously hot.  And I use a laptop on my lap.

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