The Big Apple Barbeque

The Big Apple Barbeque is in Madison Square Park today and tomorrow.

It’s an awesome concept, bring the great pitmasters to NYC and take over an urban park and fill it with music, beer, and great food.

The only problem is that there are too many barbeque fans in NYC and they were all out in force today. The lines were 30 minutes or longer per pit. They had something called the Bubba Fast Pass which we decided to do.  You lay out $125 on a prepaid card and get to go in the back door.  But they sold a ton of fast passes and the point of sale system didn’t work so the lines were as long on the Fast Pass lane as they were on the regular lines. It got so bad that they started giving away food on the Fast Pass lanes so that they could speed it up.

As a result, even though we went with a group of 10, I didn’t spend all my Fast Pass money so I’ll be back for seconds tomorrow.

The highlight for today was the pulled pork sandwich from Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama.  Washed down with Brooklyn Beer. Wow was that good.


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