Blogging About Climate Change

I’ve been blogging a lot about climate change in the past week. It all started when my friend Steve sent me a link to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal that said there is no scientific consensus on "global warming". After reading all the comments I’ve received on this issue in the past week by people who are way more informed on this subject than me, I think there is scientific consensus but not political consensus. And people are letting their views about people, the environmental movement, and politics get in the way of agreeing about the problem and charting a solution. So it’s a marketing problem as Asi Sharabi says in this post.

Asi points to a Seth Godin post on the subject of climate change where Seth, in typical fashion, points out that we are using the wrong words and we need images to get the point across. I’ll do my best to come up with some new words and Al Gore’s movie has certainly brought images to the discussion.

I plan to continue to blog about this issue, probably not at the rate I’ve been blogging about it, because I believe we must approach this as a marketing problem and everyone who has an audience and cares about this issue should do that too.

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