Bluetooth Headphone Headache - Updated Post

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I’ve had four different bluetooth headphones and paired them with four different phones, roughly sixteen different pairings.

I even bought the treo branded headphone specifically to pair with my treo when I was using that phone.

I’ve tried everything to make these things work reliably.

And I can’t get them to pair reliably and stay paired.

I feel like an idiot with a bluetooth headphone in one ear and my phone held up to the other ear and it happens to me all the time.

What I want to know is if this is how bluetooth is supposed to work or if there’s some secret I don’t know to make it work for me.

I am all ears and waiting for your thoughts in the comments.


I wrote that post on my blackberry sitting on the runway waiting to take off. It was a bit rushed. And the comments I’ve gotten so far, while helpful, indicate that I missed my point.

I have tried various bluetooth headphones with the Treo, the Blackberry (which I currently use), the Sidekick, and a windows mobile phone. I’ve never had a good experience.

The comments I’ve gotten so far indicate it is the phone. I am currently using a blackberry. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a bluetooth headphone for my Blackberry 8700?

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