Easy Out = Easy In

I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s pretty clear to me that one of the best ways to attract and keep customers is to make it easy for them to stop being customers.

Randall Stross has a good column in the sunday business section of the NY Times about the AOL customer service recording that went up on a blog . He ends it with this observation about doing business with Netflix versus AOL:

When I took a look to see whether Netflix offered a way for a
customer to cancel membership swiftly while online, I discovered that
it provides a procedure — a click on a link, a click on a checkmark
box, and one more click to complete — that would take no more than two
seconds. No exit interviews, no last-ditch offers while I’m held
captive on the phone.
Seeing how Netflix would be so protective of my time were I to leave makes me all the more unlikely to do so.


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