Expensing Options

The news across the wire today is Intel and eBay’s earnings take a hit from options expenses

Who cares?

Cash flow is what matters. Cash flow per share is what I care about. And how fast its growing

Sure options create dilution which means lower cash flow per share but I don’t need some fancy black sholes model to tell me how many more shares are coming

That’s been in the footnotes for years

I was at a board meeting today where we talked about the earnings impact to our company when we start expensing options this year

Its a waste of time. Give the accountants what they want and move on

The accounting board has made a mockery of the income statement. A gaap statement is useless to me now

I have to back out all these non cash charges. Who does it help?  The little guy who is trying to figure out the stock market?  Hell no, it helps the big guys with the spreadsheet jockeys

It’s a joke

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