Following A Company With Feeds

Feeds are becoming an important source of business intelligence. Many of the buzztracking and news aggregation services use feeds as their data input. So more and more content providers are making their content available via feeds. But much of the most valuable premium content has not been available via feed.

Well last week, the Flatiron portfolio company Alacra launched a feed service that aggregates premium content sources by company and lets you subscribe to it.

Here is the feed for Oracle, for example.

If you want to set up a feed for any public company, just type in the ticker on this page and you’ll be offered the opportunity to subscribe to the feed. You can also subscribe to feeds for private companies. Alacra currently aggregates premium content from close
to 40 sources including the latest credit and
investment research.

I think there are going to be many great applications for these company specific feeds and it will be interesting to see what people do with them.

#VC & Technology