How To Be A Filmaker Circa 2006

I know I am late to this story, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth telling.

There’s a young woman named Lisa Nova (her handle not her real name) who wants to be a filmmaker. So what does she do? She doesn’t worry about the established hollywood system, she just starts making fims and putting them up on YouTube. And she’s good. And she’s got an audience.

This video, called LisaNova Takes The Bus, has had over 85,000 views to date.

I found her on Chartreuse, where I saw this video, called Lisa Nova On Competition, which cracked me up, particularly the last part.

Then I watched every one of her videos, which you can find on her YouTube page (she needs a blog of her own). And then I googled her and found this interview with her in TheBloggingTimes.

She’s made five videos, all shorts, and she’s the "superstar of YouTube" and she’s getting inquiries from TV and film companies.

That tells you all you need to know. If you are talented and want to get somewhere quickly, bypass the system, go right to the audience, and do your stuff. That’s how to be a filmmaker circa 2006.

Well done Lisa Nova.

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